What Do Online Casinos Base Games On?

There are literally thousands of casino games available. Open an account with any online casino and you’ll see a plethora of games available with different themes. But where they do get inspiration for the casinos they offer? In this article, I’m going to explain a few sources that marketing departments for online casinos base their games on.


Everybody loves watching movies and online casinos exploit this to the full extent. Soon as a movie gets big and is popular in gambling circles, they will invent a game around it. They know that customers will have a more pleasurable gaming experience if it’s tied in with a movie they like. Look out for casino games based on movies like Superman or Rocky. You can find these sorts of games at the most trusted online casino Malaysia.

TV Shows

TV shows are even more popular than movies in 2021. Who doesn’t have a Netflix subscription these days? TV Shows offer viewers the chance to keep returning and investing in the character development. Online casinos take full advantage of this by modifying or inventing games that revolve around TV shows. Popular TV shows that appear in casino  games are the Simpsons, Family Guy and Breaking Bad.


Most gamblers have some form of sport they enjoy. It doesn’t matter if you’re a football, cricket or hockey fan, the online casinos will have a game dedicated to it. There’s something about gambling with your favourite sport that enhances the experience. You care more and want to gamble more. The marketing departments of online casinos are not foolish. They know we love to see our favourite sports in slot forms and gladly oblige.


Finally, books are a source of inspiration for casino games. I’ve seen loads of books replicated in casino based gambling games. From The Wizard of Oz  to Lord of the Rings, they’re all there. They resonate with us as we get to enjoy our beloved characters. What’s more fun than gambling with Frodo or going down the yellow brick road of slots?