Types of Casino Games

Casino games tend to fall under a number of different categories. These are table games, electronic games, and lottery type games which include instant wins.

Table games are literally games played at gaming tables with each table being controlled by a dealer or croupier or at an online casino a computer programme. The classification includes card games such as blackjack, baccarat, and poker; dice throwing games such as craps and sic bo; and games based on the generation of random numbers which include wheel games such as roulette and wheel of fortune.

Some table games, such as roulette, are based entirely on chance and although some people may try to use a strategic approach to them this does not work in reality. Such games are best enjoyed by accepting that their outcome is random. Other table games such as poker and to a lesser extent blackjack are very strategic and the chances of winning can be greatly increased by improving your skill levels; this is so much the case in poker that many do not consider it to be a gambling game at all and consider it to be entirely a game of skill.

Electronic games include any form of slot machine along with games such as video poker. These are extremely popular both at live casinos and online. Whilst there is little skill in playing slots as it is entirely a random process, your chances of winning at video poker are considerably increased if you adopt the best strategy for the particular variant of the game you are playing.

Lottery type games are very popular. These include games such as bingo and keno and the popularity of online versions of these is growing rapidly. The attraction of games such as bingo over a simple lottery is that although the final outcome is random, the tension and thus the fun and enjoyment is strung out over extended time periods; there is also an important social element to bingo. Instant wins are a quick form of gambling and are often played during slack periods whilst waiting for other games such as bingo to start.