Casino games tend to fall under a number of different categories. These are table games, electronic games, and lottery type games which include instant wins.

Table games are literally games played at gaming tables with each table being controlled by a dealer or croupier or at an online casino a computer programme. The classification includes card games such as blackjack, baccarat, and poker; dice throwing games such as craps and sic bo; and games based on the generation of random numbers which include wheel games such as roulette and wheel of fortune.

Some table games, such as roulette, are based entirely on chance and although some people may try to use a strategic approach to them this does not work in reality. Such games are best enjoyed by accepting that their outcome is random. Other table games such as poker and to a lesser extent blackjack are very strategic and the chances of winning can be greatly increased by improving your skill levels; this is so much the case in poker that many do not consider it to be a gambling game at all and consider it to be entirely a game of skill.

Electronic games include any form of slot machine along with games such as video poker. These are extremely popular both at live casinos and online. Whilst there is little skill in playing slots as it is entirely a random process, your chances of winning at video poker are considerably increased if you adopt the best strategy for the particular variant of the game you are playing.

Lottery type games are very popular. These include games such as bingo and keno and the popularity of online versions of these is growing rapidly. The attraction of games such as bingo over a simple lottery is that although the final outcome is random, the tension and thus the fun and enjoyment is strung out over extended time periods; there is also an important social element to bingo. Instant wins are a quick form of gambling and are often played during slack periods whilst waiting for other games such as bingo to start.

Along wіth Roulette, Baccarat іѕ one οf the easiest casinos games tο play. Thе mοѕt іmрοrtаnt thing уοu need tο know іѕ whether уοu аrе betting οn the Player, οn the Bank οr οn Tie. Betting οn Tie іѕ nοt really recommended bесаuѕе іt decreases уουr winning chances. Baccarat іѕ a game οf chance, аll уοu hаνе tο dесіdе іѕ which hand уου think wіll win. Mаkіng yourself familiar wіth the basic rules wіll hеlр уου understand the play οn the baccarat table аnd wіll mаkе the game more fun fοr уου tο play.

Seat position іѕ nοt іmрοrtаnt іn Baccarat lіkе іt wουld bе іn Blackjack аѕ уου аrе nοt playing against οthеr player οr thе house, thе οnlу concern уου hаνе аrе thе cards. Dο nοt lеt thе amounts thе οthеr players mау bet distract уου, іt іѕ οf nο importance tο уου.

Baccarat іѕ played wіth eight decks οf cards without Jokers. At thе beginning οf a nеw game οr whеn the Cut Card іn thе Shoe іѕ dealt, thе dealer wіll shuffle аll decks together аnd рut thеm back іn thе shoe, аlѕο called “Thе Bank”. Thеn hе wіll take thе very first card out аnd whatever thе value οf thіѕ card іѕ indicates hοw many cards wіll bе burned. If thе value οf thе first card іѕ a four, fοr instance, thе dealer wіll take thе next four cards out οf thе shoe аnd discard thеm іn a tray next tο іt along wіth thе first card. At thе beginning οf thе nеw game thе shoe οr thе bank іѕ given tο the player οn thе rіght οf thе dealer. Each player іѕ given thе bank іn turn аnd саn hold thе bank аѕ long аѕ thе bank wins. Once thе bank loses іt moves οn tο the next player. Before thе cards аrе dealt each Baccarat player hаѕ tο mаkе hіѕ bet.

Thе player wіth the bank deals two sets οf two cards, іf οf course the game іѕ played bу two players. Thе hand closest tο nine wins. If thе first two cards dealt count Eight οr Nine іt іѕ called a “Natural” аnd wins automatically, unless both hands hаνе the same value then іt іѕ οf course a Tie. Whеn nobody hаѕ a natural additional cards аrе drawn tο determine the baccarat winner. If the hand уου bet οn wins уου gеt a one tο one payoff.

Cryptologic software is justly considered one of the top products used in US online casinos. To speak about the history of Cryptologic developing company, it actually started its business developing various encryption products in 1995. However, once the first online casino software came to the light, Cryptologic owners were quick to understand the prospects that it opened. Although it was Microgaming that is creditable for the designing of the first casino software in the whole world, it was Cryptologic that managed to pair up this software with reliable encryption technologies to protect visitors’ sensitive information.

Cryptologic developing company sees its goal not only in creating the largest assortment of casino games, but in providing gamblers with the safest gambling environment as well. It’s not easy, however Cryptologic online casinos are considered to be the most trustworthy on both the UK gambling market and around the globe. The only country that was deprived of the opportunity to enjoy Cryptologic casino games is the USA. Due to the UIGEA Act passed there, Cryptologic had to leave American gambling market. Thank God, British gamblers don’t encounter such annoying problems.

Cryptologic software

Cryptologic software runs on such prominent UK gambling sites like Intercasino and VIP Casino. All these online casinos are available in download and instant play mode. Both modes are really sleek and fast. All the games offered have great quality, animation and visual effects. As the matter of fact, Cryptologic games have most up-to-date 3D graphics and full screen effects that have no counterparts on the market. As for the assortment of the games offered, Cryptologic suite includes everything that you are dreaming about and even more. What requires special attention is the category of slot machines by Cryptologic. Thanks to the cooperation with Marvel comics and other companies, numerous branded games have been produced. Among them are such famed games as Batman, Blade, Call of Duty, Captain America, Daredevil, Electra, Fantastic Four, Ghost Rider,Iron Man, Hulk, King Kong, Spider Man, X-Men and others. Cryptologic also produces classic slot machines like Aladdin’s Lamp, Cash Caper, Triple Olives and others. They have an old good feel of slot machines in land-based casinos. And the list of Cryptologic video slots with most innovative features and bonus games is practically endless. The total amount of all the games offered exceeds 100 items while new offers appear on the regular basis.

Another thing that is certainly worth mentioning about Microgaming suite of games is the assortment of progressives. There are Marvel, Rapid Fire, Movie Mayhem slot machines with moderate jackpots and unprecedented Millionaires Club progressive game with multi-tiered jackpot. By the way, Millionaires Club is the slot that gave out the largest jackpot winning in the history of online slots- a payout over $8 000 000!!!

By the way,those who still have doubts about Cryptologic credibility, should be aware of the fact that this casino software has received a special award for the Best Casino Software for four times already! It has several awards for the best Customer Support call centre, awards for best casino games in 2007 and 2008 and so on. All these prizes speak for themselves, right? Visit the online casino of your choice right now to feel it all on your own skin!

In the beginning, there was Craps . . .

Craps has been around for a long time in one form or the other. It intimidates beginners like no other game in the casino. Craps doesn’t need to be this way, but all the options within the game overwhelm many.

Here’s the thing. You don’t need to know everything to play and enjoy Craps. In fact, you could learn just one thing—the pass line—and play to win money. I hope you’re ready to learn some Craps, because our intro series to the game will get your started fast. I’ve broken it down into three easy-to-digest parts.

The Cycle

Any tutorial on a game needs to start with the general game flow. In Craps, there’s what I call a cycle. First, there’s a come out roll. Next, a point is established. Next, the shooter rolls until that point is made or the turn is ended—by rolling a 7. Finally, a new cycle begins. Confused? Don’t be. We’ll go over all this.

The shooter is the person with the dice. Each player in Craps gets a chance to roll the dice—if desired. The turns progress clockwise around the table. When it’s your turn, you are the shooter.

Let’s imagine it’s now your turn. You grab those dice and you’re ready for action. Your first goal is to establish a point. A point is the numbers 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10. Once you establish a point, the game/cycle officially begins. Your goal is to throw that point/number again before throwing a 7. If you do, you win. If not, you lose. There’s much more to the game, but let’s take it one step at a time.

The Come Out Roll

Okay, you have those dice and you just flung them against the back wall. What now? Well, if you throw a 7 or 11, all Pass Line wagers win and all Don’t Pass wagers lose—more on this later. Should you throw a 2, 3 or 12, all Pass Line wagers lose and all Don’t Pass wagers win—except the 12, which is a push.

You’ll keep repeating this process until you throw a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10. Once you do, the point is established.

Layout Map

On the layout below, you can find the following items:

  1. A. This is the Pass Line.
  2. B. This is the Don’t Pass.
  3. C. These are point numbers.


In the next section, I’ll go over the rest of the layout and show you more about the game of Craps.

While many novices and others who enjoy playing blackjack just for fun may be well suited to learn only the basic rules of the game, others are more interested in winning real money. In this case, they should understand the advanced rules and strategies associated with blackjack.


The first advanced rule that is often unknown by novices is the rule regarding splitting. Any time a player has a two-card hand consisting of same-valued cards they can split that hand into two. When a player has two Aces, they can split those Aces; Aces are worth 11 points and a majority of the cards in the deck have a value of 10, making the likelihood of scoring at least one blackjack very high, indeed.

Doubling Down

Doubling down is the process by which a player doubles their bet after receiving their initial two cards. Once a player doubles their bet, they will only receive one more card and they are forced to stand after that card is accepted. While this may be a great way to earn extra money, doubling down should be done with discretion as it can lead to disaster as often as it leads to riches.


While there are many critics who claim that insurance bets are scams, there are just as many players who have had success when using them. Simply put, an insurance bet can be placed if the dealer is showing an Ace. If the dealer has a blackjack, the player wins a two-to-one insurance payout. If the dealer does not have blackjack, the player loses their insurance bet and gameplay proceeds as normal.

Without learning the advanced rules and strategies associated with blackjack, players cannot expect to excel beyond the novice stage. In this case, players will be well suited to stick with games like poker and video slots instead.

Playing at online casinos has become a common practice for people all over the world. Typically when one plays at an online casino site, they bet using their own money. Therefore, it is important that online casinos practice top of the line security measures. When choosing an online casino, security should be at the top of your list in regards to features.

The fact that a particular online casino is secure works for not only players but the site owners as well. When an online casino site has top of the line security measures in place, more people will choose that particular site. This means more customers for the online casino. Often the online casino will post these programs and encryptions on their site so users know what they are using to protect data. By having impenetrable security in place, online casinos do not have to worry about hackers and spammers. Since online casinos do deal with monetary transactions, there is a lot of sensitive information stored at the site. This information needs to be protected from threats.

Some online casinos obtain endorsement from the Online Gambling Association. This organization was created to help provide safety and security to gamblers. If a particular online casino site is regulated by this organization, you can be assured that it has the utmost protection in regards to internet security.

Reliable and safe online casinos will also have measures designed to protect players from dishonest players. They will have software in place that monitors players during games. It will look for the frequency two or more particular players are in one game. Through this software it will look for patterns that could let the online casino site know these players in cahoots with one another. This could lead to this type of player being permanently banned from the online casino.

Blackjack and pontoon are almost identical games but there are a few differences you’ll need to know. In our guides the differences are written in bold so you know exactly where you stand.

Choose your game

Your first decision to make is how many hands you wish to play against the dealer (you can either play one hand, three hands or five hands). Playing multiple hands or ‘boxes’ is a lot of fun – it gives you more chances of beating the dealer and is a tactic commonly used by high rollers when they play.

Blackjack vs pontoon

How to play

In blackjack, both the player and the dealer receive two cards in the opening deal. Both player cards are dealt face up but only the dealer’s first card will be showing, unlike pontoon where none of the dealer’s cards are visible until showdown. The aim of the game is to make a hand as close to 21 as possible without going over (going over 21 is ‘busting’ and, as the name would suggest, this isn’t a good thing). Each card is worth its own rank (so a 7 is worth 7), picture cards are worth 10 while an ace can be either 1 or 11.

Following the opening deal, you can choose to ‘hit’ or ‘stand’. If you hit, you’ll get dealt another card to try and get closer to 21 (remember though, going over 21 means you bust and lose regardless of the dealer’s hand). You can keep hitting as many times as you want, and once you’re happy with your hand you can stand.

Once you stand, it’s the dealer’s turn to try to beat you by getting closer to 21. At the casino the dealer must keep hitting until his hand is worth 16 or higher and he must stand when his hand is 17 or more. If the dealer busts, then you win the bet and are paid an amount equal to your stake.

If the player and the dealer both have a hand worth the same value, it is a ‘push’ and the stake money is returned. This is different to Pontoon where the dealer wins when there’s a push.

Getting dealt an ace and a 10 value card is ‘Blackjack’, and pays out 3-2 (so you’d win $15 on a $10 bet for blackjack). Blackjack always wins unless it comes up against another Blackjack (in which case it’s a push).


If you’re dealt two cards of the same value (for the purpose of splitting, 10s, jacks, queens and kings are all worth the same) you may elect to ‘split’ and make two hands from your two cards. For example, if you were dealt queen-jack and you split, each hand would receive another card so that you now have two hands. You can keep taking cards until you are happy with your hand and then stand. The only exception to this rule is when you split aces – do this and you’ll only receive one more card to make your hand. In pontoon there is no limit on hitting when you split aces.

Splitting cards requires you to make another bet so that each hand has the same amount riding on it. For example, if you bet $10 and split, you must bet another $10 making a total bet of $20.


After the opening deal you can choose to ‘double’ in the casino (you cannot double after you hit – this is different to pontoon where you can double at any time). Doubling is pretty much as you’d expect – it doubles the size of your bet and can help you stake more when you think you have the best of it. Once you have decided to double, you will receive one more card – so don’t double because you have 20!


If the dealer’s up card is an ace, you can take insurance – this insures your bet against the dealer having Blackjack. When you opt for insurance, you make a further bet of half your original stake (so if you were playing for $10 a hand, insurance would cost a further $5). This bet pays out 2-1 should the dealer have Blackjack so you get your entire stake back. If the dealer doesn’t have Blackjack, you lose your insurance bet and the hand plays out as normal. Insurance is not an option in pontoon.

Texas Holdem is a very popular form of poker played in almost every home all over the world. This game is very easy for all beginners to learn, but at the same time it is quite difficult to be mastered. Every professional player will tell you that Texas Holdem poker is a game of strategy and skills. Playing this card game without strategy is practically impossible, remember that nobody can win without strategy.

Up to ten players can play Texas Holdem poker at a table. In the beginning of the game all players are dealt two down-cards, also known as hole cards or pocket cards. The first betting round, known as the Pre-flop takes place, starting with the player to the immediate left of the Big blind. When the first round of betting is over, the dealer draws three face-up community cards in the middle of the table and this is known as the Flop. In order to become a winner in Texas Holdem poker game it is very important for you to know how to play before the Flop. It means that you need to learn how to play your Texas Holdem starting hand.

There are many things to be considered when deciding whether to play your hand before the Flop. Some of the most important factors are your position at the Texas Holdem table, the number of your opponents and of course the strength of your starting hand. Remember that your position at the table is very important when you play flop games like Texas Holdem. It is because your position remains the same throughout all rounds of betting. In early position before the Flop you will not have much information as the players acting in later position, because you will act before them. It means that you must be very careful in choosing your starting hand. Before the Flop the most profitable position is the dealers position. In this position you will have more information than the other players at the table so you can play more hands when sitting on the button.

Before the Flop, the number of your opponents is also very important when deciding which hand to play. If many of your opponents see the flop there is very good chance for you to play small poker pairs. Remember that all mean hands increase in value when there are many players in the pot. Opposite, with few Texas Holdem players at the table, all big cards increase in value. Before the Flop the pot odds become higher when there are more Texas Holdem players in the pot.

The most common and probably the biggest mistake almost all Texas Holdem players make before the Flop is playing bad Texas Holdem starting hands. In Texas Holdem poker there are community cards in the game and in most cases the best starting hand finishes as the best final hand. So before the Flop always think carefully which hand to play and which hand to fold.

Most people don’t expect to be able to buy a casino, but employees in Illinois bought a struggling casino through an employee stock ownership plan. We normally don’t capture offline casino news often, but we thought this was a pretty cool story.

The casino in question is the Casino Queen, a casino located on the East St. Louis riverfront. The previous owners are the Koman family and investing partners. The company has had a 20 year run, but things are definitely changing in the local marketplace.

It’s no secret that we are in a recession economy, and revenue has been down at the Casino Queen — many competitors are now in the area, making it hard to get sales up to where they used to be.

The deal assumes $31 million dollars of existing debt and was done through an employee stock ownership plan.

buy a casino

The stakes were sold for $170 million total — not terrible. The deal was studied intensely by the Illinois Gaming Board. They voted unanimously to approve the sale on December 20th. The Employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) will be managed by Jeff Watson and Robert Barrows — the Casino Queens’ general manager/president and CFO, respectively.

The company’s stock is held in a trust through the ESOP, and the employees will receive a payout when they retire or leave the company.

The Casino Queen has 700 employees, and most will be permitted to participate in the new ownership plan. The plan provides retirement benefits tied to the casino’s financial performance. It allows employees to become owners, and holds them as part of the casinos’ ultimate success.

Employee owned companies can be big business — Graybar is a company based on Clayton, MO. It has 5.4B in revenue last year and is employee owned.

ESOP companies know that they have something to lose if there is a change in ownership.

The Casino Queen has a 40,000-square-foot gaming floor with over 1000 slot machines and 27 table games. Jim Koman, part of the Koman family who held a 20 percent ownership stake, informed the St. Louis Post Dispatch that the ownership group had several inquiries from buyers in the recent years but wanted to sell to the ESOP to keep management the way it was.

The investors are definitely ready to move on, but Jim Koman will stay on board as the Casino Queen’s board of directors member.

If you’re considering joining the web-based gambling revolution, you’ll find many benefits to online casinos compared to their land-based counterparts, from higher payout rates and similar levels of bonuses to the ease and thrill of being able to play anytime and anywhere you have a reliable internet connection.

Equally, you’ll have plenty of choice of games to enjoy, and you won’t have to compromise on security. Nor is it any less sociable than playing in a ‘real’ casino – you’ll be with a lively community of fellow players who encourage each other and celebrate one another’s successes.

So it’s no wonder that gaming over the web and by mobile phones is soaring in popularity.

The only remaining question with so many online casinos to choose from is how to go about selecting one.

online roulette
Here are a few pointers to help you choose:

•    Clearly different casinos specialise in different games, so check which ones specialise in those you most want to play.

•    Download and running speeds can vary, depending on a number of factors. This can have an effect of the quality of your gaming experience, especially if you have a limited Internet connection, so consider this before you commit.

•    Different casinos also offer different kinds of bonuses, from initial sign-up ones to accumulators, VIP or tournament listing bonuses and more. Decide which site offers the incentives that are most likely to be in your interests long-term.

•    Language could be a factor, especially if English is not your mother tongue. Coming across a word or phrase that you don’t know won’t enhance your playing, so consider choosing a site which has a reliable translation or is in your own language.

•    Read reviews of casinos by those who have tested the various sites and written about them. Although you’ll need to make your own mind up, reviews can give you a very good feel for what to expect from a particular website. Find out as much information as you can online before making your decision.

However you will need to try out the casinos for yourself before deciding and it’s a good idea to start off with a free account, rather than a large deposit, while you see how you get on. Another tip is to contact the customer services team of the casino with a question and assess the quality of the response you receive.

One of the great things about online casinos is the fact that they offer players a lot of bonuses. Not only can existing players take part in these bonuses, but so can new players. The bonuses come in a wide variety of types and each of the online casinos will offer different ones and have their own way of dealing with their bonuses. This is why players want to make sure they have a very clear understanding of the bonus they want to take advantage of. They want to understand what they will have to do in order to have access to the funds they get from the bonus; this is also referred to as clearing the bonus.

If players can’t find all of the information on the bonus they are interested in then they will want to make sure to contact the customer support team and ask to be pointed in the right direction so they can read all of the terms and conditions of the bonus. Since each of the online casinos has their own ways of doing things this is something players should always do on any bonus when they can’t find the information.

There are some good reasons why the online casinos ask for players to meet certain requirements in order to clear the bonuses. One reason is due to the fact that there are some fraudulent people out there who would try to fraud the online casino. Making players clear the bonuses helps to protect the online casino from this type of fraud. Another reason players are asked to clear the bonus is due to the fact that there are some people who would join the online casino only to take the bonus and never return. This is obviously not a good deal for the online casino and they ask players to clear the bonus so the online casino can be sure the player is in fact interested in spending time there.

Each of the online casinos will want their players to meet certain requirements in order to clear the bonuses. Some of the online casinos will ask that their players enjoy a certain amount of games. Others may require players to be registered for a certain amount of time. It isn’t uncommon for an online casino to require both from their players. However, it is generally not difficult for players to clear the bonuses and it’s well worth the little bit of effort.