Learn to Play Craps – Start Here

So, you want to learn how to play Craps? I remember the first time I walked up to a Craps table in Vegas. It was pretty intimidating. But, everyone was yelling and having so much fun. I just had to try it.

Many hours later I was walking away with my winnings and a smile from ear to ear. I was hooked. Craps was a blast. Shortly after that, I began learning how to deal the game and eventually I became a Craps dealer.

I’ve spent many hours with dice. As a player, I’ve put in 10+ hour sessions. As a dealer, I’ve been privileged to be part of some crazy games. I’m talking crazy as in there’s 5-10k down on the table in bets on every roll of the dice and there’s no time to think.

Craps doesn’t have to be intimidating to start and honestly, it isn’t that confusing if you take it one step at a time.

I think people get confused by Craps, because there are many options and ways to play.Unlike other games, like Blackjack, where you’re forced to act, you can do whatever you want in Craps. You can play just the Pass Line. You can play just the Big Six—please don’t though. You could play the Come. Or you could play a combination of ways.

If you’re brand spanking new to Craps, here’s a quick tip: just play the Pass Line. The Pass Line in Craps is the safest wager and it’s a snap to do. In my Craps instructional series, I’ll show you how to play the Pass Line—and other bets.

Are you ready to learn Craps? If so, take the next step and start my Craps instructional series.