Hosting your own dollar Poker tournament

Hosting your own poker tournament can be fun, but it can be a lot of work. For one thing, you need a lot of chips. For another, you need to keep close track of the rules and of what is going on. Most poker tournaments involve the players all pitching in about $20, and the pot is usually around $200 or so when the night is over!

If you don’t want it to be that serious, then you could consider hosting  a dollar poker tournament with your friends. This is a lot less stressful, and is more about the game-play than about the money. Since everyone only pitches in a dollar, they will not feel so pressured to win, but they will also try to win, because winning $20 after only risking a dollar is a good profit margin! This will keep people in the game, but will also keep it light and fun at the same time!

Another thing to think about when hosting a dollar poker tournament is having enough chips. You can buy cheap poker chips though for very little expense, so maybe try this instead of buying professional, high dollar poker chips. This will keep your cost on the ground, and will help to keep you from having to spend a lot putting the tournament on.

At any rate, remember that the most important thing about a dollar poker tournament is getting to hang out with your friends and enjoy playing poker. It is a fun past-time that anybody can enjoy for one dollar, and that is why these types of tournaments are so popular, especially among people who are not interested in spending a lot on poker, but who would really like to play.