Choosing a Roulette variant

The game of roulette always seems like it’s the same in every casino. Most don’t see the subtle differences that one can encounter between roulette variants, but there are some big differences in the math of each. There are three different roulette games that can be found around the world and online. House edge can vary between these variants, so it pays to know the difference so you can increase your chances of winning some money. Some variants are easier to find than others, mainly because some make more money for the house faster.

The game of roulette originated in France and evolved over the years as it was brought to new areas. The French version of the game has 36 numbers with one 0 spot and the usual outside bets. There is an additional rule that is lost in the more recent variants called “La Partage”. This rule returns half of the player’s bet when the 0 spot hits. This variant holds a house edge of 1.35% over the player and is the most player-friendly variant of the game you can play. The tough part about this game is finding it; even most online most casinos do not offer this variant to their patrons.

European roulette games closely resemble French roulette except for the absence of the “La Partage” rule. The house edge jumps up to 2.57%, higher than French roulette but the action for these games is much more accessible. Almost every online casino offers European roulette action, and it’s the most popular variant of the game that’s played.

The most common variant of roulette you will find is American roulette. This is the evolved version of the game that came to America over 100 years ago. Another green spot was added and players then had to duck not only the 0 spot, but also the 00 spot. This variant has an even bigger house edge of 5.26% and is the most common one you’ll find.

It’s not a tough decision to pick the right variant of roulette to play if you can find it. Take the time to find which variants are offered by the casino and choose the one that gives you the best playing odds.