Cheating to Beat the Casino

Wise guys and wise gals have tried to win money over the years at casinos by using illegal techniques to elicit big wins. Card games have been especially targeted by these thieves. In the long run, these people are always caught and punished either by the law or the casino management. Historically, it often was better for the thieves to be caught by the law.

Land-Based Cheating

There are two types of cheating that exist today: Cheating in land casinos and online casino cheating. If you ever saw the blockbuster movie, “21,” starring Kevin Spacey, you got an insider’s look into card counting at the blackjack table. Spacey played a college professor who indoctrinated his brightest students into the world of card counting. He taught his team well, and they went to Vegas and racked up.

Unfortunately for them, they were eventually caught by casino security before they could spend any of the money they earned.  The movie gave the viewer a great perspective on casino cheaters and how a casino cheater operates. Card counting is frowned upon by casino management today in land casinos, and there are cameras all over the place in order to foil casino cheaters.

There have also been many ways that casino cheaters have tried to ply their wares at poker. One common technique at a poker table is called pastposting, a move in which a player replaces smaller denomination chips with larger ones.  A card cheater at a poker table would often attempt to mark cards. The late Paul Newman, in the Academy-Award winning movie, “The Sting,” played a card shark who was adept at marking cards.  There have also been recent attempts to cheat in the land casino by using electronic devices.

Online Casino Cheating

More often than not, in the still early stages of the development of online casino gambling, the cheating was done by despicable online casinos that cheated the players on their returns. These dishonest casinos would rig their machines to favour themselves and cheat the player.

Luckily, the honourable casinos far outweigh the random crooks, and most of the casinos belong to organizations, such as eCogra, that attest to the veracity of their machines. urges all players to check that the website of their choice belongs to an independent monitoring organization that ensures the veracity and honesty of the online casino.