Try Bingo at – You’ll Never Be the Same

Maybe you’ll have to take this as a grain of salt from hardcore casino players, but we have to be honest with you anyway: casino gambling changes you. Once you realize that there is a peace and even a little thrill to online gambling, you really won’t be the same. It’s an experience like none other, and it’s one that […]

Bingo Patterns

Depending on where you play, and who you play with, the bingo patterns required to win may vary. There are many different types of bingo patterns to choose from, and knowing what they are when you hear them can keep you from getting frustrated while playing the game and potentially not winning when you should. Even beginning bingo players usually […]

Paddypower is An Excellent Value Online Bingo Website

Just because you’re looking online for places to play bingo doesn’t mean that you’re not concerned about the quality of places you play. After all, you’re still going to be putting in real money, so you might as well have the type of experience that you’re looking for. Thankfully, you will find that Paddypower is an excellent value online bingo […]

Charity Bingo and Smoking Bans

It is a well-established fact that bingo and smoking bans do not mix. When the national smoking ban was imposed in the UK in 2007, dozens of local bingo halls were forced to close, and hundreds of jobs were lost. Not surprisingly, online bingo sites benefitted from the exodus of players from live bingo halls. During the two years that […]