Blackjack and General Gambling Strategies

Out of the numerous, varied gambling games available in today’s casinos, blackjack is one of the most popular and established. Also, just like other casino games, there are certain tactics that will give you a competitive edge when playing blackjack. The following plans are not difficult for anyone to follow, and can be used during hard hands where there are no aces in the starting hands, soft hands when the starting hand contains an ace, and split pairs.

Before we begin, you need to know some basic terminology used in blackjack.

Hit: A hit is when the blackjack player is going to pick  another card.
Stand: Is when a player does not want to pick another card.
Pair: A pair is two cards of the same number.
Splitting: Splitting is when a player decides to separate a pair by putting down a second, equivilant bet in the betting box.

Now, let’s move on to the strategies you have been waiting for. First of all, there are good times to hit and good times to stand. The general rule for hitting is when the player’s card is a number 8 or less. Following this tactic keeps the players card total high. And, when the dealer’s number is between 3 an 6 at the same time the player holds a 9, he or she should double it or call for a hit. But, if his or her total number goes from 17 to 21, he or she should always stand. Don’t forget that just like any other gambling strategy, all players have to be astute and keep their eye on the dealer and other players.

When discussing soft hands, there are different points for a player to remember. Hitting is recommended when a player holds the following cards: an ace, or an ace with a 2 or 3, but only if the dealer holds a 5 or 6. Then, if a dealer holds a number between 3 and 6 and the player holds an ace and a 6, the player should always double.  Certain groups require the player to stand instead: when he or she has an ace with an 8 or an ace with a 9.

There are even more rules when pairs are involved. Again, there are certain hands when it is better to split.  These include an ace and an 8, a pair of 2’s or 3’s, but only when the dealer holds a 2 through 7, and a pair of 9’s only when the dealer holds a 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, or 9. The times to stand are when the player holds a pair of 9’s and the dealer holds a 7, a 10, or an ace, or if the player holds a pair of 10’s.

Since online blackjack gambling has become a hot trend, many tips, tricks, and strategies are offered on websites, and not only about blackjack, but also many other types of games. Go ahead and check them out to further improve your tactics.