Bingo Patterns

Depending on where you play, and who you play with, the bingo patterns required to win may vary. There are many different types of bingo patterns to choose from, and knowing what they are when you hear them can keep you from getting frustrated while playing the game and potentially not winning when you should. Even beginning bingo players usually know the most basic bingo game patterns, such as a single bingo (one straight or diagonal line) and a double bingo (two straight or diagonal lines), but not everyone knows what every bingo pattern is unless you have played the game for a long time. Then there are the less common, but just as obvious, bingo card patterns, such as a blackout (all spots must be filled in) and four corners (it only takes all four corners of one card to win).

Some bingo patterns might not be as obvious, however. One such bingo game pattern is what is called “postage stamp.” This is a game where the winner must block out four spots in a compact square in the corner of the card. Other such bingo patterns include large picture frame (the outside frame has to be blocked out to win) or small picture frame (the frame just inside the outer frame is required to win). Knowing patterns in bingo is one of the keys to winning the game. Of course, if you don’t understand what a pattern is, you can always look at the monitor or ask someone, but just feeling unsure of yourself and not being familiar with the terminology can often cause you to lose track as the numbers are called. Another reason it is helpful to understand bingo patterns is that it makes it easier to mark and watch your cards, particularly if you have many. Marking the free space in a “Letter L” bingo game and marking others that do not fit in the L can confuse you and cost you a bingo. As you can see, being familiar with bingo games patterns can help you immensely when it comes time to play.

There are many ways to familiarize yourself with bingo patterns to ensure the utmost success in your gaming ventures. You can find printable bingo patterns that illustrate what each look like, or you can find mini bingo game patterns to help you along. Many websites offer printable bingo patterns, and free bingo card patterns as well. If you purchase a bingo set or a membership to an online bingo community, you will often be given free bingo patterns information so you can learn as much as possible.