A Losing Game

Now, I like to believe that the majority of people are not stupid. You normally find that those who are not academically inclined have a large dose of common sense or street smarts.  You certainly do not find many idiots in the casino, dreamers yes, those on a glory hunt definitely, but stupid?  No.  So why are they actually there? They are gambling their hard earned cash on games that have been designed with the probability being that they will lose.

In general, this does not make sense, but when you try to understand human nature and the desire to win, the logic becomes apparent. We are, as individuals, built with a purpose, we all want things and we all covert things.  The poor want to be rich whereas the rich richer.  We want success and we might want fame; the fact is that we all want something.  And of course, if there is a risk, then that adds to the excitement.

Gambling is the oldest form of self mutilation. It is a way for us to berate ourselves when we lose and congratulate ourselves when we win.  We have gambled against the odds and won, so we can walk away can’t we? Unfortunately, this is not always possible. This is where human nature kicks in again, and the fact we have won makes us want to win more.  Unfortunately, very thing that made us stay also makes us end up losing.  But, that is our nature; we will bemoan and regret our actions but try to ensure that we will not do the exact same thing next time.

The art of being a good gambler is knowing when to walk away. There are few of us who can do this and this is why there are very few really good gamblers.  The house will rely on our human nature, and the house will always win.  For every good gambler, there are a hundred poor ones, and this poor is more than in the monetary sense.  We can all have hopes and dreams; we can all think that easy money is just around the corner.  Regrettably, the reality is that for most of us, this is not the case; acceptance is more than necessary, it is vital.

So, if you are thinking of gambling as a source of income, think again. Many have trodden that path and many are still trying to pay off their debts.  It is all a game of chance, but the chance is based on the odds and the odds are stacked against you.  To enjoy gambling, you need to have limits, you need to realize that this is a game; one that can be put down and walked away from whenever you decide.