A Crash Course in Blackjack

One of the reasons that Blackjack is so popular is that, unlike poker, it is easy to learn. All you need to learn the game is a few minutes of time, and you will be ready to start winning at Blackjack. You don’t even have to worry about being able to bluff when you are playing Blackjack, the only skills you need are the basic addition that you would have learned when you were in first grade.

The Game

The really great thing about Blackjack is that it doesn’t have all sorts of complicated rules like poker does. The other great thing is that you only have to worry about two hands, yours and the dealer’s. Whichever one of you gets cards that come the closest to twenty-one, wins. You just have to be careful that you don’t pass twenty-one, doing so causes you to forfeit the hand.

The value of the card is determined by the number printed on the card, 2’s are worth two points, 3’s are worth three points, 4’s are worth four points, and so on. Face cards are worth ten points a piece, and aces are either worth one point or eleven points. The suits don’t matter when you are playing Blackjack.

The game starts when the dealer deals you and themselves two cards. After getting your cards, you can determine if you want another card or if you are happy with the cards you have been dealt.

The Strategy

Everyone has their own ideas about good game strategy when they are playing Blackjack. Some people recommend card counting, which is frowned on by the casino, and is also a lot harder than you would think. Other Blackjack players have more realistic suggestions such as always hold on seventeen, never split your tens, and always split your aces.

If you have never played Blackjack before, you should pick up a computer game and start to play. Not only will the computer game help you learn the rules of Blackjack, but you will also learn what strategies seem to work best for you.


Betting is another area where everyone has their own ideas and thoughts. One of the things that you will probably notice is that you are a lot bolder when you aren’t using real money. The best thing I can suggest is to find a table with a low minimum bid and place as small a bet as you possibly can. If things are going well and you are starting to make some money, you can gradually increase the amount of your bets.